Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hurricanes are coming

Writing this as a hurricane is about to hit us in Bermuda. We are expecting a catergory 2 and are in the calm before the storm at present. We are boarded in to Chris's house and have plenty of food and beer on standby. In a way the hurricane sums up our recent holiday to NY, Pennsylvania and Bermuda: we have been hurrying around all over the place - blowing from one place to the next.

The holiday started as it is going to end - with a hurricane. We arrived in Penn State just as hurricane Ernesto was bashing the east coast. We started the trip with a really nice time with Dessie and El, spending the night in a log cabin on a small lake watching the bad weather blow in from the South.

Then it was a drive down to see 96 year old Aunt Lilly - about 2 hours further south. The trip to see Lilly was a special one, an amazing lady and a chance for Jax to see her great aunt. When we left to go to our hotel at about 8 o'clock however we managed to drive on the wrong side of the road almost hitting another car head on! By the time we got to our hotel, we were very weary and glad of the red wine and the rest.

The following day went back to see Dessie, El and their friend Jean for BBQ, Beers and a bit of weed. Jean was a top bloke and look me on a wee detour whilst drunk as a skunk throughsome thick foresty areas.

Then off to New York. Horse drawn carriage through central park, helicopter ride over Manhattan, and a $750 dollar room the mandarin Oriental. For dinner we stayed at the hotel and were led to our table: the best in the house looking over NY from 40 floors up. After the Kobi beef I asked Jax to marry me and she said yes!!!! We spent the night on the sofa watching over NY before falling asleep to the city sounds.

The following day we did the touristy stuff, Chrysler building, Times square etc. Culminating in a show at Broadway - spamalot.

We flew out to Bermuda the following day to see Chris and Cat. Bermuda is fecking ace - we have spent most the time buzzing around on scooters and checking out the beaches. This brings us up-to-date with the hurricane which is 12 hours away as we speak. The waves are already 10 feet high, but it really is quite calm.

All I can say is that if I don't make it through the next two days then I will still die a very happy man.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Those Lucky Few

For those of you who have been given a sneak preview of this site, please take into account that there will be plenty of nonsense on these pages until we get sorted. I am still testing, and an apology must go to Jubber, who has his face plastered all over 'our pictures'. If you are reading this, then post a comment as I am still learning how that part of the blog functions. Also this blog looks different on different browsers. It is best viewed on a higher resolution as it takes the bulkyness out of the text. If there are any errors, please comment on them - for instance the clocks on the left hand side should all be in-line. Post any errors and I will get them sorted. Cheers Ginny

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Great What?

The great wall of China has got sod all to do with Shangerz, but I need to keep practising with pictures and text.

At the moment I am trying to keep two message boxes apart and the only way that this can be done is by FILLING UP THESE SPACES WITH BULLSHIT.

However a nice picture, and maybe we will spend sometime walking the 6,000 mile wall. On second thoughts Feck it.

I have nothing more to write, so hopefully this is enough to fill the void in the text...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

South Africa

To wet the appetite, a picture of table mountain in cape town. South Africa promises to be great fun with a trip to Cape Town, Jburg and Durban. We hope to take in a game reserve, but I am looking forward most of all to seeing the sights the Cape Town has to offer...

Thailand: Can't Wait

One of the highlights of our trip will hopefully be Thailand. We have been before but it is such an amazing place: we cannot wait to go back. Bangkok (pictured) is such a vibrant place and offers stark contrast to the surroundings in which it dwells.

The Jin Mao

We were lucky enough to stay in the 76th floor of this amazing building in Shanghai. It is the tallest hotel in the world and has the highest bar of any building anywhere in the world. It has a 'gotham city' feel to it, but its most impressive feature is undoubtedly its atrium which has to be seen to be believed...

How to use this site

Have a read of he remarks that we have written and then click on comments, this will then allow you to post a reply! Very easy.

Almost Up

Well this is the first day of the journel and I think I am almost finished setting up the page, if you have any suggestions as to content let me know and I'll see if I can nick some code from someone else